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all genres - House, Techno, R&B, Hiphop, Rock


Underground Techno



Ocean's Deep

In the beginning of the 90's Ocean's Deep started to go on adventures around Benelux exploring the beauty of the House dance scene .
Falling in love with this dancevibe he felt a calling to become a Deejay late 90's under the name True Spirit .
He finally started moving around and played in several clubs , pubs , beachbars , private illegal events , sharing his love for housemusic 
Humble staying under the radar finally True Spirit left the night scene.No fame attached only great memories.
After several years he came back making his own style of electronic music and so True Spirit became his own rebirth Ocean's Deep Music producer & Deejay . 
Housemusic his roots,his religion and a universal calling with a dream to become a legacy in electronic music. Keeping the flame of housemusic alive.

ShezZzo376 is a Stuttgart based Producer , who started with Hiphop Production at a young Age. His passion nowadays is pure Techno. With his one of a Kind trademark Melodies , and tuff Beats ShezZzo376 makes a Difference in the Scene.

Cliff Rixx

All Round DJ

TechHouse and Techno




Studio Rooselears

Wildcraft studio

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